Corpus Christi Tree Trimming Faqs

Corpus Christi Public AdjustersHow long does it take to remove a tree in Corpus Christi?
Tree trimming and removal services vary based on a number of factors. For tree removals, our first criterion is the urgency of the situation. Because we offer emergency tree removal services, we prioritize trees that have already fallen and need to be cleared as well as those that are in imminent danger of falling. Once on the scene, the length of time to remove the tree depends on its size, location, and potential for causing damage.

When is the best time to remove trees?
Before it’s too late. If you think a tree may be prone to dropping branches or falling over, contact us right away. We may be able to save the tree, using removal as a last resort. If a tree is stable but you want to remove it for other reasons, you can schedule the removal at your convenience. If you need to remove the tree for construction reasons, remove it before the building crews arrive.

Is your Corpus Christi tree trimming service insured?
Yes. We are insured and bonded, carrying both general liability insurance as well as worker’s compensation. Because we care about the integrity of our clients’ properties as well as the good health of our employees, we provide regular safety training and have created a company culture that emphasizes safety.

How much can I expect to pay for your services?
All tree trimming and tree removal projects are unique with conditions that vary from one site to the next, making it impossible to accurately quote a tree project without seeing the tree. We offer free, onsite estimates.

What happens after you cut down the tree?
It depends on your wants and needs as well as the tree’s size. For smaller trees and branches, onsite wood chipping is a common option. Larger trees may be cut into logs and either hauled away or stacked on your site. Extremely large trees will be loaded onto a flatbed trailer and hauled to a recycling or tree processing facility.