Corpus Christi Public Adjusters

Corpus Christi Public AdjustersHigh winds, tornados, soggy soil, torrential rain, lightning strikes, and hurricanes all take their toll on Corpus Christi’s magnificent trees. With another devastating hurricane season predicted, Corpus Christi tree trimming becomes both proactive and reactive. A proactive approach is to inspect and maintain your trees regularly while a reactive approach involves removing fallen tree branches and toppled trees after the damage has been done. In either case, we are a Corpus Christi tree trimming company capable of the job.

Preventative Tree Care

Ideally, vulnerable trees should be trimmed before a hurricane makes landfall as a preventative measure. After all, toppled trees and branches often cause large amounts of property damage including roof damage, siding damage, fence damage, and damage to cars and other structures. Not only that, falling trees can knock out power and telephones lines and kill or injure anyone in their paths.

Corpus Christi Public AdjustersSigns that a Corpus Christi tree needs trimming:

• Sagging branches
• Branches that scrape against power lines, rooflines, fences, and other structures
• Cracks
• Splitting
• Leaning trunk
• Root uplifting
• Fungus
• Decay
• Unhealthy leaves or unexpected loss of leaves
• Insect activity and/or damage


Vulnerable trees can be trimmed and shored up before a storm comes along and knocks the tree over. If you notice any of the above warning signs, call us right away.

After a Tree has Fallen

It’s not unusual for healthy trees to drop their branches or come crashing down due to high winds. When this happens, a timely response is needed to remove the tree because downed trees are dangerous trees. Not only could a downed tree disrupt traffic or damage structures, it could also be unstable and capable of causing further damage or injuries.

We offer a number of tree removal and tree trimming services as well as an emergency response. Whether you need a tree trimmed for ornamental, preventative, or emergency reasons, count on us for expert tree trimming services.